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Linux Audio Conference 2013
The Open Source Music and Sound Conference
May 9-12 @ IEM, Graz, Austria
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LAC 2013 is
supported by

University of Music, Graz
TU Graz Dept. Social Learning
Forum Stadtpark
Land Steiermark - Wissenschaft & Forschung

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Conference Schedule / Archive

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All times are CEST = UTC+2


Day 0 - Wednesday, May/8

Workshops & Events

19:00 LAC Exhibition Vernissage - (misc event)
 Reni Hofmüller » Location: ESC im LABOR

21:00 Inofficial Opening Dinner - (misc event)
  » Location: ???

Day 1 - Thursday, May/9

Main Track
(Hall i7)

10:00 Conference Welcome
author image
(20 min) IOhannes m zmölnig, Peter Plessas

10:20 Keynote
author image
(40 min) Marije Baalman

11:00 netpd - A Collaborative Realtime Networked Music Making Environment written in Pure Data
author image
(40 min) Roman Haefeli

11:40 Byzantium in Bing: Live Virtual Acoustics Employing Free Software
author image
(40 min) Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Travis Skare, Wilson Michael, Jonathan Abel

12:20 Combining granular synthesis with frequency modulation
author image
(40 min) Kim Ervik, Øyvind Brandtsegg

14:30 SuperCollider IDE: A Dedicated Integrated Development Environment for SuperCollider
author image
(40 min) Jakob Leben, Tim Blechmann

15:10 An Approach to Live Algorithmic Composition using Conductive
author image
(40 min) Renick Bell

16:10 MorphOSC- A Toolkit for Building Sound Control GUIs with Preset Interpolation in Processing
author image
(40 min) Liam O'Sullivan

16:50 Design of an audio oscilloscope application
author image
(40 min) Fons Adriaensen

Workshops & Events

11:00 Music in expression -- A DSP based compositional methodology - Workshop
author image
(120 min) Chun Lee » Location: Hall i6 (workshop)

14:30 Lilypond: High-Quality Music Notation for Everyone - Workshop
author image
(80 min) Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, Florian Hollerweger » Location: Tonlabor

16:10 Qstuff*: past present and future - Workshop
author image
(80 min) Rui Nuno Capela » Location: Hall i6 (workshop)

18:00 Midvinterblot - Concert
author image
 Magnus Johansson » Location: IEM CUBE

18:00 Endphase 20 - Concert
author image
 Enrique Tomás, João Pais, Alberto Bernal » Location: IEM CUBE

18:00 Mesmo que depois - Concert
author image
 Bruno Ruviaro » Location: IEM CUBE

18:00 Waterfall Music - Concert
author image
 Nicolas Bouillot, Michal Seta, Emmanuel Durand, Zack Settle, Alexandre Quessy » Location: IEM CUBE

18:00 Cancelled: Phoebe the Amoeba - Concert
 Matthias Grabenhorst, Jörn Nettingsmeier » Location: IEM CUBE

21:00 Erklaer' mir. Liebe - Concert
 Björn Lindig » Location: Postgarage

21:00 Second Sense - Concert
author image
 Li Chi Hsiao, Yen Tzu Chang » Location: Postgarage

21:00 Bernt Isak Wærstad - Solo performance - Concert
author image
 Bernt Isak Wærstad » Location: Postgarage

21:00 Restlichtverstärker - Concert
author image
 Malte Steiner, Servando Barreiro » Location: Postgarage

21:00 Cancelled: ((-_-)) - Concert
 Xavi Manzanares, Lucia Egaña, Paula Pin » Location: Postgarage

21:00 Cancelled: chdh - egregore - Concert
 Cyrille Henry, Nicolas Montgermont » Location: Postgarage

Day 2 - Friday, May/10

Main Track
(Hall i7)

10:00 Ambisonics plug-in suite for production and performance usage
author image
(40 min) Matthias Kronlachner

10:40 The Rationale behind Rationale: Designing a Sequencer for Unlimited Just Intonation
author image
(40 min) Chuckk Hubbard

11:40 Chino -- a framework for scripted meta-applications
author image
(40 min) David Adler

12:20 [Lightning talk] openGL UIs for LV2 plugins
author image
Slides  Video  
(20 min) Robin Gareus

12:40 [Lightning talk] Drum Gizmo demo
author image
Video  Site  
(20 min) Bent Bisballe Nyeng, Lars 'Muldjord' Jensen, Jonas Christensen

13:00 [Lightning talk] Laborejo - Music Notation Workshop Feature highlights and
author image
(20 min) Nils Gey

14:30 Csound6; old code renewed
(40 min) John ffitch, Victor Lazzarini, Steven Yi

15:10 Live music programming in Haskell
(40 min) Henning Thielemann

16:10 ipyclam, empowering CLAM with Python
(40 min) David Garcia-Garzón, Xavier Serra Román

16:50 Music for Programmers (MFP): A Dataflow Patching Language
(40 min) Bill Gribble

Workshops & Events

10:00 Workshop on Making Embedded Musical Instruments and Embedded Installations using Satellite CCRMA - Workshop
(180 min) Edgar Berdahl » Location: Hall i6 (workshop)

10:00 IOSONO - Workshop
(80 min) Franz Zotter, Matthias Frank » Location: IEM CUBE

14:30 AVB Linux Stack Workshop - Workshop
(80 min) Christoph Kuhr » Location: Hall i6 (workshop)

14:30 Linux/Ardour in a Recording Studio - Workshop
(180 min) Ludwig Mohr, Dominik Schmidt-Philipp » Location: SPSC Studio

16:10 Using Python in CsoundQt - Workshop
(80 min) Joachim Heintz, Tarmo Johannes » Location: Hall i6 (workshop)

20:00 Feedback performance - Concert
 Øyvind Brandtsegg » Location: Mumuth

20:00 Hrafntinnusker - Concert
 Jan Jacob Hofmann » Location: Mumuth

20:00 Biomimesis II - Concert
 Martins Rokis » Location: Mumuth

20:00 Miškas - Concert
 Helene Hedsund » Location: Mumuth

20:00 Parallaxis: For Four Instruments and Electronics - Concert
 Rob Canning, Florian Hollerweger, David Pirrò, Martin Rumori, IOhannes m zmölnig » Location: Mumuth

20:00 Velvet Skin, Heart of Steel - Concert
 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano » Location: Mumuth

20:00 Ominous - Incarnated sound sculpture (Xth Sense technology) - Concert
 Marco Donnarumma » Location: Mumuth

20:00 Soundscape mit Cage und Joyce - Concert
 Krzysztof Gawlas » Location: Mumuth

Day 3 - Saturday, May/11

Main Track
(Hall i7)

10:00 A Pure Data toolkit for real-time synthesis of ATS spectral data
author image
(40 min) Oscar Pablo Di Liscia

10:40 Multi-Channel Noise/Echo Reduction in PulseAudio on Embedded Linux
author image
(40 min) Karl Freiberger, Stefan Huber, Peter Meerwald

11:40 Lyapunov Space of Coupled FM Oscillators
author image
(40 min) Claude Heiland-Allen

11:40 Qstuff*: part2
author image
(80 min) Rui Nuno Capela

12:20 Production and Application of Room Impulse Responses for Multichannel Setups using FLOSS Tools
author image
(40 min) Florian Hollerweger, Martin Rumori

14:30 Pitch-class Set design in SuperCollider
author image
(40 min) Lucas Samaruga, Oscar Pablo Di Liscia

15:10 Experiments with dynamic convolution techniques in live performance
author image
(40 min) Øyvind Brandtsegg, Sigurd Saue

16:10 Creating LV2 Plugins with Faust
author image
(40 min) Albert Gräf

16:50 [Lightning Talk] Towards a live-electronic setup with a sensor-reed saxophone and Csound
author image
(20 min) Alex Hofmann, Alexander Mayer, Werner Goebl

17:10 [Lightning talk] MOD - An LV2 host and processor at your feet
author image
(20 min) Gianfranco Ceccolini, Leonardo Germani, Bruno Gola

17:30 Closing Ceremony and Group Photo
author image
(20 min) IOhannes m zmölnig, Peter Plessas

Workshops & Events

10:00 Using your electric guitar with Linux - Workshop
(80 min) Jeremy Jongepier » Location: IEM CUBE

11:40 Take it or Fake it - Spatial miking techniques and post-production spatialisation tricks for recordists - Workshop
author image
(80 min) Jörn Nettingsmeier » Location: IEM CUBE

14:30 Extended View Toolkit - Video projection mapping with Linux/Pd - Workshop
(80 min) Peter Venus, Marian Weger » Location: Hall i6 (workshop)

16:10 Building distributed graph of live audio/video/data streaming with switcher/shmdata, puredata and your application - Workshop
(80 min) Michal Seta, Nicolas Bouillot » Location: IEM CUBE

20:00 Android drummers - interactive sound game for participants with android phones or tablets, conductor - Concert
author image
 Tarmo Johannes » Location: Forum Stadtpark

20:00 Improvisation - Concert
author image
 Renick Bell » Location: Forum Stadtpark

20:00 The Infinite Repeat - Concert
author image
 Jeremy Jongepier » Location: Forum Stadtpark

20:00 Improvisation - Concert
author image
 Alexandros Drymonitis » Location: Forum Stadtpark

20:00 Superdirt² - Live Performance - Concert
author image
 Vincent Rateau, Daniel Fritzsche » Location: Forum Stadtpark

20:00 Cancelled: MUTE - Concert
 Alexandre Quessy » Location: Forum Stadtpark

24:00 [LinuxSoundNight] ClaudiusMaximus - Concert
author image
Video  Site  
(?? min) Claude Heiland-Allen » Location: Forum Stadtpark

24:00 [LinuxSoundNight] Blankest Slate - Concert
(?? min) Marije Baalman » Location: Forum Stadtpark

24:00 [LinuxSoundNight] untitled - Concert
(?? min) Servando Barreiro » Location: Forum Stadtpark

24:00 [LinuxSoundNight] zynadds*bfx - Concert
(?? min) Jeremy Jongepier » Location: Forum Stadtpark

Day 4 - Sunday, May/12

Main Track
(Hall i7)

11:00 Excursion
Video  Site  
(360 min) 

Daily Events / Exhibitions

Installations & Listening sessions

The following pieces are presented as installations or part of a loop-playlist in the on-the-air listening room. They are accessible on each day of the conference during opening hours (14:00 - 19:00 or by prior appointment); except for the "On-the-air Listening Room" which will be broadcast by Radio Helsinki at irregular intervals, starting on Tuesday 7th of May 10:00-12:00.

 Louise Harris » Location: ESC im LABOR

Vitreous Intermission
 Joachim Heintz » Location: ESC im LABOR

Cancelled: 3d Audio Glocke
 Nils Micheli » Location: ESC im LABOR

 Kyriakos Tsoukalas » Location: ESC im LABOR

 Wolfgang Spahn, Thomas Gerwin » Location: ESC im LABOR

Cancelled: The Echo Coats
 Tesia Kosmalski » Location: ESC im LABOR

Live and direct
 Max Neupert » Location: ESC im LABOR

Album: X Marks The Spot - Concert
 XBloome » Location: Radio Helsinki (RADIO SHOW)

Objectus - Concert
 René Bastian » Location: Radio Helsinki (RADIO SHOW)

Camphor and you - Concert
 William Light » Location: Radio Helsinki (RADIO SHOW)

The In-Tune Sonata - Concert
 Chuckk Hubbard » Location: Radio Helsinki (RADIO SHOW)

Sounding Cinema - remixing the internet archive - Concert
 Rob Canning » Location: Radio Helsinki (RADIO SHOW)

Wanda & Nova deViator: RESISTANCE - Concert
 Maja Delak, Luka Princic » Location: Radio Helsinki (RADIO SHOW)

Acerca del gesto como índice de la materia - Concert
 Federico Barabino » Location: Radio Helsinki (RADIO SHOW)

The schedule is a major guideline. There is no guarantee events will take place at the announced timeslot.
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