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Linux Audio Conference 2013
The Open Source Music and Sound Conference
May 9-12 @ IEM, Graz, Austria
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Federico Barabino

Federico Barabino





Improviser and composer born in 1982, Bs. As. Argentina Use the error, the redefinition of the objects, random and the deep listening as a starting point for their sound works applied to different media and feeding on these for their experimentation.

Currently works with analog audio mixer without external sounds no-input mixer. Instrument with which he investigate the technical possibilities in real time and his relationship with the environment as well as its use in writing and sound compositions. Relating well to the visual field and visual arts facilities in the development of variables in which the sound as raw material is converted into images using processes through physical manipulation of objects.

He has published more than thirty works alone and in collaboration with other artists in Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, United States, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Slovakia, Russia, Japan and Australia. Being recorded music a chance to see the personal work in continuous research and nonlinear evolution. Registration as a work file.

Permanent active musician performs over thirty concerts each year in major festivals and venues of the genre and in the underground circuit. His concerts born at the same sound context where they are going and from that framework are developed in-depth dialogue. Understood as events entirely unplayable by any means but the perception in situ.

His most recent works El sonido eléctrico cotidiano, inmerso en el ambiente mismo de la sala de concierto sound art / site specific (mention 11th Electroacoustic Composition Competition Música Viva – Portugal 2010), Silencio Visual a graphic score for any number of passers voices (mention Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales – Palais de Glace 2012 – Nuevos soportes e instalaciones), Acerca del gesto como índice de la materia sound art for speakers (mention Bienal Nacional de Bahía Blanca 2013 – Arte Sonoro).

In parallel, he is professor and researcher in courses at various institutions in the country and in his private study. Giving lectures, seminars and annual workshops on improvisation and sonic experimentation. Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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