Linux Audio Conference 2013
Byzantium in Bing: Live Virtual Acoustics Employing Free Software
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Travis Skare, Wilson Michael, Jonathan Abel
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A Linux-based system for live auralization is described, and its use in recreating the reverberant acoustics of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, for a Byzantine chant concert in the recently inaugurated Bing Concert Hall is detailed. The system employed 24 QSC full range loudspeakers and six subwoofers strategically placed about the hall, and used Countryman B2D hypercardioid microphones affixed to the singers' heads to provide dry, individual vocal signals. The vocals were processed by a custom-built Linux-based computer running Ardour2, jconvolver, jack, SuperCollider and Ambisonics among other free software to generate loudspeaker signals that, when imprinted with the acoustics of Bing, provided the wet portion of the Hagia Sophia simulation.

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