Linux Audio Conference 2012
The Open Source Music and Sound Conference
April 12-15 @ CCRMA, Stanford University, CA, USA

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Conference Schedule

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Day 1 - Thursday, April/12

Main Track

10am Conference Welcome
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(30 min) Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Bruno Ruviaro

10:30 The IEM Demosuite, a large-scale jukebox for the MUMUTH concert venue
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(45 min) Peter Plessas, IOhannes zmoelnig

11:15 Network distribution in music applications with Medusa
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(45 min) Flávio Schiavoni, Marcelo Queiroz

12pm Luppp - A real-time audio looping program
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(45 min) Harry van Haaren

2pm Csound as a Real-­time Application
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(45 min) Joachim Heintz

2:45 Csound for Android
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(45 min) Steven Yi, Victor Lazzarini

3:45 Ardour3 - Video Integration
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(45 min) Robin Gareus

4:30 INScore - An Environment for the Design of Live Music Scores
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(45 min) Dominique Fober, Yann Orlarey, Stéphane Letz

5:15 A Behind-the-Scenes Peek at World's First Linux-Based Laptop Orchestra -- The Design of L2Ork Infrastructure and Lessons Learned
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(45 min) Ivica Bukvic

Workshops & Events

10am The Invisible Suns Project
(4 min - loop) Marco Donnarumma » Location: Listening Room

8pm Traxpong - Concert
 Juan Reyes » Location: CCRMA Stage

8pm First Lament Of The Cello Machine - Concert
 Dave Phillips » Location: CCRMA Stage

8pm FT001 - Concert
 Martins Rokis » Location: CCRMA Stage

8pm Mitslalim - Concert
 Oded Ben-Tal, Rees Archibald, Caroline Wilkins » Location: CCRMA Stage

8pm Caladan - Concert
 Florian Hartlieb » Location: CCRMA Stage

8pm Composition in Loops #1 - Concert
 Zachary Berkowitz » Location: CCRMA Stage

Day 2 - Friday the 13th

Main Track

10am Studio report: Linux audio for multi-speaker natural speech technology
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(45 min) Charles Fox, Heidi Christensen, Thomas Hain

11am A framework for dynamic spatial acoustic scene generation with Ambisonics in low delay realtime
author image
(45 min) Giso Grimm, Tobias Herzke

11:45 A Toolkit for the Design of Ambisonic Decoders
author image
(45 min) Aaron Heller, Eric Benjamin, Richard Lee

2pm JunctionBox for Android: An Interaction Toolkit for Android-based Mobile Devices
author image
(45 min) Lawrence Fyfe, Adam Tindale, Sheelagh Carpendale

2:45 An Introduction to the Synth-A-Modeler Compiler: For Modular and Open-Source Sound Synthesis using Physical Models
author image
(45 min) Edgar Berdahl, Julius Smith

3:45 pd-faust: An integrated environment for running Faust objects in Pd
author image
(45 min) Albert Gräf

4:30 The Faust Online Compiler: a Web-Based IDE for the Faust Programming Language
author image
(45 min) Romain Michon, Yann Orlarey

5:15 FaustPad : A free open-source mobile app for multi-touch interaction with Faust generated modules
author image
(45 min) Hyung-Suk Kim, Julius Smith

Workshops & Events

2pm Composition With AVSynthesis - Workshop
author image
(90 min) Dave Phillips » Location: workshop space

3:45 Field Report II - Capturing Chroma XII by Rebecca Saunders - Workshop
author image
(60 min) Jörn Nettingsmeier » Location: Listening Room

5pm GRE (Graduate Rhythmic Examination) - Workshop
author image
(60 min) Andrew Allen » Location: workshop space

10am Warscape Sonata
(4 min - loop) vlax v0x » Location: Listening Room

8pm Densité - Concert
 Benjamin O'Brien » Location: CCRMA Stage

8pm fluid dynamics - Concert
 Adam Neal » Location: CCRMA Stage

8pm Metal Clouds - Concert
 Jan Jacob Hofmann » Location: CCRMA Stage

8pm Terra Incognita - Concert
 Frank Ekeberg » Location: CCRMA Stage

8pm Sol Aur - Concert
 Lawrence Fyfe » Location: CCRMA Stage

8pm Rick's Trombone - Concert
 Christiane Strothmann » Location: CCRMA Stage

4:45 Demo: A framework for dynamic spatial acoustic scene generation with Ambisonics in low delay realtime - (misc event)
author image
(15 min) Giso Grimm, Tobias Herzke » Location: Listening Room

Day 3 - Saturday, April/14

Main Track

Note: Saturday's Main Track is at CEMEX - a room in the business school across campus.

10am The why and how of with-height surround production in Ambisonics
author image
(45 min) Jörn Nettingsmeier

11am Keynote
author image
Slides  Video  
(90 min) Dave Phillips

2pm From Jack to UDP packets to sound, and back
author image
(45 min) Fernando Lopez-Lezcano

2:45 Controlling adaptive resampling
author image
(45 min) Fons Adriaensen

3:45 Signal Processing Libraries for FAUST
author image
(45 min) Julius Smith

4:30 The Integration of the PCSlib PD library in a Touch-Sensitive Interface with Musical Application
author image
(45 min) José Rafael Subía Valdez

5:15 Rite of the Earth -- composition with frequency-based harmony and ambisonic space projection
author image
(45 min) Krzysztof Gawlas

Workshops & Events

8pm Vespers - Concert
 Dave Phillips » Location: CCRMA Stage

8pm Digital RoundO #1 - Concert
 Lorenzo Franco Sutton » Location: CCRMA Stage

8pm Birches for viola and electronic sounds - Concert
author image
 Kevin Ernste » Location: CCRMA Stage

8pm Rite of the Earth - Concert
 Krzysztof Gawlas » Location: CCRMA Stage

8pm Vocal Etude (audiovisual version) - Concert
 Nicola Monopoli » Location: CCRMA Stage

8pm Princesa Chontales - Concert
author image
 Chris Chafe, Roberto Morales » Location: CCRMA Stage

10pm Debb and Duff play the music you ate your first crawdad by - Concert
author image
 Miller Puckette, Juliana Snapper » Location: CoHo (Stanford Coffee House)

10pm Luppp & Harry - Concert
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 Harry van Haaren » Location: CoHo (Stanford Coffee House)

10pm Cancelled: CIA-X Audio Unit - Concert
 Romain Papion, Julien Ottavi » Location: CoHo (Stanford Coffee House)

10pm Compositions in Loops nos. 1 and 2 - Concert
author image
 Zachary Berkowitz » Location: CoHo (Stanford Coffee House)

10pm Secret Chiptunes and Time Explorations from a Bedroom - Concert
author image
 Grant Centauri » Location: CoHo (Stanford Coffee House)

Day 4 - Sunday, April/15

Main Track

10:30 Minivosc - a minimal virtual oscillator driver for ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture)
author image
(45 min) Smilen Dimitrov, Stefania Serafin

11:15 An Open Source C++ Framework for Multithreaded Realtime Multichannel Audio Applications
author image
(45 min) Matthias Geier, Torben Hohn, Sascha Spors

12pm Using the beagleboard as hardware to process sound
author image
(45 min) Rafael Vega González, Daniel Gómez

Workshops & Events

10:30 Live CSound - Workshop
(90 min) Joachim Heintz » Location: workshop space

2pm Panel Discussion: Open Source Hardware - (misc event)
author image
(90 min) Edgar Berdahl, Kyle Machulis, Gordon Kruberg, Adrian Freed, Eben Upon » Location: CCRMA Stage

3:30 Closing Ceremony - (misc event)
(30 min) Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Bruno Ruviaro » Location: CCRMA Stage

4pm Hacklab & BoF Session - semi-official post-conference hackerspace fun - (misc event)
(120 min)  » Location: workshop space

Daily Events / Exhibitions

Installations & Listening sessions

The following pieces are presented as installations or part of a loop-playlist in the listening room. They are accessible on each day of the conference during opening hours; except for the "Listening Room" which will be closed Friday afternoon 3.45pm to 4:30pm for a workshop.

Recording Studio run completely on Linux.
 Jason Jones » Location: Listening Room

La forge de Vulcain
 Olivier Baudouin » Location: Listening Room

 Augusto Meijer » Location: Listening Room

Hacia la Expansión auditiva constante
 Federico Barabino » Location: Listening Room

Juicy Joyce - Subvocalizing (at pre-speech level)
 Nicola Monopoli » Location: Listening Room

The sinæsizer - Insomnia
 Exomène » Location: Listening Room

 Oscar Pablo Di Liscia » Location: Listening Room

 Jason Sadural » Location: Listening Room

 Benjamin O'Brien » Location: Listening Room

 Conor Curran » Location: Listening Room

Dificilis Exitus
 Luis Valdivia » Location: Listening Room

Building & Something
 Jan Jacob Hofmann » Location: Listening Room

Grain Sailing
 Grant Centauri » Location: Listening Room

17C Foam Rubber and Fur
 Steve Batte » Location: Listening Room

Soñando Satelites
 Luca Carrubba » Location: Studio D

The schedule is a major guideline. There is no guarantee events will take place at the announced timeslot.
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