Linux Audio Conference 2012
INScore - An Environment for the Design of Live Music Scores
Dominique Fober, Yann Orlarey, Stéphane Letz

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INScore is an open source framework for the design of interactive, augmented, live music scores. Augmented music scores are graphic spaces providing representation, composition and manipulation of heterogeneous and arbitrary music objects (music scores but also images, text, signals...), both in the graphic and time domains. INScore includes also a dynamic system for the representation of the music performance, considered as a specific sound or gesture instance of the score, and viewed as signals. It integrates an event based interaction mechanism that opens the door to original uses and designs, transforming a score as a user interface or allowing a score self-modification based on temporal events. This paper presents the system features, the underlying formalisms, and introduces the OSC based scripting language.

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