Linux Audio Conference 2012
The Open Source Music and Sound Conference
April 12-15 @ CCRMA, Stanford University, CA, USA

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Harry van Haaren

Harry van Haaren





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  • Luppp - A real-time audio looping program
    » Paper Presentation » day:1 » 12pm
    » Location: Campbell Recital Hall
  • Luppp & Harry
    » Concert » day:3 » 10pm


I'm Harry van Haaren, currently a student at the University of Limerick in Ireland. I'm in 3rd year of the Music Media and Performance Technology course here. I've been using linux for quite a while, and learnt to code in C++ while using it. At the moment I'm running Arch Linux for its configurability and brilliant AUR repository for getting the newest SVN versions of software.

I love to play music with piano, guitar, drums and saxophone as my instruments... occasionaly I attempt to sing too :) My goal is to perform live music using linux tools to creatively modify and improve the audio, all in real time.

Get in touch if you have similar intrests, I'm always up for a digital chat about workflow's and creating music!


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