Rotations 2

Type: Performance

Day: 2018-06-09

Time: 21:00 - 21:15

Author(s): The Electronic Orchestra Charlottenburg

Keywords: Performance, Live Electronics, Modular Synth, Live Spatialization, VBAP, Ambisonics

Abstract: Six modular synthesizers and one digital instrument interact in an improvised performance. Their spatial movements are defined by rotations in opposite directions over time, realized on an eight channel speaker system - the Electronic Orchestra Charlottenburg (EOC) (, a project of the Electronic Music Studio at TU Berlin (, explores means of organizing and spatializing the seemingly infinite diversity of electronic sounds in a larger ensemble.

The performance will be spatialized using the SSR, Pd and Python, running on a Linux Server with Ubuntu Studio. The server is remote controlled by the sound director via OSC and various input devices. Inputs and outputs are managed with an RME MADI card and several AD/DA converters.