Djing with FLOSS: Mixxx Workshop

Type: Workshop

Day: 2018-06-08

Time: 14:30 - 16:00

Author(s): Louigi Verona

Keywords: dj, mixxx

Abstract: Many of us would love to start DJing with software, comparable to commercial offerings out there. Thanks to the fantastic work that the Mixxx has done, it is now possible.

However, Mixxx could be a little off-putting due to the fact that setting a controller up might not be as user friendly as with software like Traktor.

Louigi will run through all the difficult places, demonstrate how to set things up with a random midi controller (i.e., not explicitly supported by Mixxx templates), and how to use scripts.

Hopefully after this workshop people will have a good guide on how to start working with Mixxx!

A list of things discussed:

  1. Choosing an XML template for Mixxx UI

  2. Customizing the template for your needs

  3. Setting up preferences

  4. Adding a midi controller in

    4.1 Figuring out the midi signals map

    4.2 Organizing your controller XML file

    4.3 Scripting and why its not scary

  5. A demo