Type: Concert

Day: 2018-06-07

Time: 21:00 - 22:30

Author(s): Superdirt²

Keywords: None

Fascinating electro beats mixed in with virtuous performed cello sounds which give a result of a never achieved before dance ability! With Ras Tilo at the synthesizers and Käpt'n Dirt with the cello it provides a musical experience which is situated between drum'n'bass, jungle, dub, dubstep and even far beyond...

The Band: The two independent musicians knew each other through many musical projects and as flatmates, but are coming from totally different musical genres. While Ras Tilo (Vincent Rateau) got in place as a music producer and multi-instrumentalist, Käpt'n Dirt (Daniel Fritzsche) continued his classical cello studies with an open mind and ears to new musical genres. One year ago, after a request to mix cello and electronic beats at a party they founded the project Superdirt² within two weeks, got straight away a lot of bookings and played this year up to 18 gigs - from small parties to big festivals. They are mixing musical genres, looping, synthesizing, improvising and never get tired of going beyond the thinkable knowledge of music. They just released their first full-length album called “Algoriddims” - licensed under a Creative Commons license.