RSVP, a preset system solution for Pure Data

Type: Paper

Day: 2018-06-08

Time: 11:00 - 11:30

Author(s): Jose Rafael Subía Valdez

Keywords: state-saving, GUI, interpolation, external, abstraction

Abstract: This paper describes the logic and process behind the development of the RSVP preset library for the Pure Data programming environment. The library aims to tackle the lack of a native preset system in Pure Data. Other projects like Kollabs, CREAM, sssad, and others, have produced different solutions for this issue. However, after experimenting with the mentioned libraries, I decided to approach the matter with a different strategy. This led to the creation of the RSVP library which I will be describing in detail. During the development of this project, I have been theorizing of a feature request for PD that will also be shared here. This paper will offer a detailed description of how the system works, but will not go into extensive Pure Data patch descriptions. Instead, I wish to show how I structured the code and describe how the system functions with the users own projects.

Downloads: Paper