Introduction to pmpd

Type: Workshop

Day: 2018-06-08

Time: 12:00 - 14:00

Author(s): Joao Pais

Keywords: pure data, physical modelling, pmpd, audio+video control

Abstract: Physical modelling is a synthesis technique where data is generated through emulating physical models, instead of using premade elements such as wave tables or recorded samples. Data based on physical models usually has a more “natural” expressivity, as it is based on rules similar to the physics of the natural world. This workshop introduces pmpd, a library by Cyrille Henry that implements a mass-spring system to build physical models. The data generated by the circuits can be used as control data for audio or video, or to synthetize sounds directly. The workshop will use the software Pure Data; the participants will receive commented didactic materials, which they will be able to later edit and tweak for their own use. To learn the concepts, experience in Pure Data isn’t necessary – although for further individual work it will be required. Partitipants should bring their own laptops and headphones.