Type: Performance

Day: 2018-06-09

Time: 22:30 - 22:45

Author(s): José Rafael Subía Valdez

Keywords: live electronics, pure data

Abstract: Tessellations plays with the repetition of material generated by manipulating the interval structure of the chord and submitting it to short processes that I generate myself in Python and execute them inside PD with the py object. This piece is an experimentation on the way I link time, material and narrative. The “tessellated” object not only morphs the musical material but also the space where it occurs and the performer responsible for it – player or computer –. Furthermore, the piece has 2 solos, one in which the performer improvises based on visual cues and musical anchor points, and the other which was generated algorithmically and is “written” on the score, this incorporates the idea of the act of composition as the tessellated object itself.


Video: https://media.ccc.de/v/lac2018-23-tessellations