mathr performs with Clive

Type: Performance

Day: 2018-06-09

Time: 22:47 - 23:17

Author(s): Claude Heiland-Allen

Keywords: audio, live-coding, performance, C

Abstract: Claude Heiland-Allen ( is an artist from London interested in the complex emergent behaviour of simple systems, unusual geometries, and mathematical aesthetics.

Clive is an audio live-coding skeleton, implemented in C. It supports a two-phase edit-commit coding cycle allowing long-lived signal processing graphs to be modified without interrupting the sound.

Performance with Clive usually involves pre-preparation, from simple unit generators up to more complete compositions. The live-coding aspect involves editing a file in the performer’s favourite text editor, with the act of saving with Ctrl-S or other shortcut being timed to allow the new code to start executing in sync after the latency of compilation.