Getting Started with Purr Data

Type: Workshop

Day: 2018-06-08

Time: 17:00 - 18:30

Author(s): Albert Gräf

Keywords: data-flow, pd, pd-l2ork, pd-lua

Abstract: This hands-on workshop is intended for Pd and Linux audio users who want to start using Purr Data. For an introduction to Purr Data, please check our LAC17 presentation ( and the Quick Introduction ( Topics of the 90 min workshop vary from the basics to the moderately advanced and include:

  • Getting a minimal Purr Data installation up and running quickly on Linux (compiling from source).
  • First-time setup (configuring MIDI and audio devices, setting up Pd-Lua).
  • Real-time audio and MIDI processing, making music with Purr Data.
  • Programming new objects (a.k.a. Pd externals) the easy way with Pd-Lua (
  • Custom graphics and data structure visualizations in Purr Data.

Downloads: Abstract Presentation