Ambisonics DJ Set

Type: Performance

Day: 2018-06-09

Time: 23:20 - 01:20

Author(s): Raphael Eismann, Benedikt Prechter

Keywords: Ambisonics, DJ

Abstract: A DJ set in Ambisonic B-Format (3rd Order), on a circle of 6.5m radius, with 8 speakers surround and a 6 speaker mono-cluster for bass, originally presented at the Festival “Zu einer Zeit in Gardelegen 2018”. How to explain a new panning FX to DJs just a few minutes before gig? It must be simple, and there is no chance explaining a OSC with a lot of knobs and pan-sliders. A PD Patch is used, measuring the aux-send to mix the fixed standard stereo-encoder vs the remote controlled stereo-encoder from the DJ-Mixer (X one92). The VCA-Midi-Outputs were used to control azimuth and width of the fx- stereo-encoder.

Thanks a lot to my Ambisonic Taskforce: Patric Schmitz und Sevinc Eroglu (RWTH Aachen), Benedikt Prechter (Ableton Live) and Mark Schulze (Bitwig Studio). Impressions of wavefield-synthesis and Ambisonics were given by Henrik von Coler (TU-Berlin).


  • Fons Adriansen’s Ambdec Softwaredecoder
  • AmbiX (ACN- Channel Order and SN3D normalisation)
  • IEM-Pluginsuite Stereo-Encoder
  • Max-for-Live Patch für Ableton (Benedikt Prechter)
  • Jackaudio Soundserver (Cadence)
  • Carla Pluginhost
  • Pure Data

Hardware (Computing Ambisonics):

  • 4-Core AMD, 8gb Ram, SSD
  • RME HDSP9652
  • RME Fireface UC
  • 2x Behringer ADA8000
  • Rosendahl Nanoclock
  • Target 24/8/8/2 Mixer (for Stereo-Fallback)
  • AH Xone92 DJ-Mixer


Video: None