Linux Audio Conference 2011
PulseAudio on Mac OS X
Daniel Mack

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PulseAudio is becoming the standard audio environment on many Linux dektops nowadays. As it offers network transparency as well as other interesting features OS X won't offer its users natively, it's time to have a closer look on possibilities on how to port this piece of software over to yet another platform. In the recent months, I put some effort into attempts to port PulseAudio to Mac OS X, aiming for cross-platform interoperability between heterogen audio host networks and enabling other features PulseAudio offers such as uPnP/AV streaming. This paper will first give a short overview about how CoreAudio, the native audio system on Mac OS X, is structured, the various ways that can be used to plug into this system, and then focus on the steps it takes to port PulseAudio to Mac OS X.

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