LAC 2015: Video: "Ingen: A Meta-Modular Plugin Environment" by David Robillard
Linux Audio Conference 2015
Ingen: A Meta-Modular Plugin Environment
David Robillard
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This paper introduces Ingen, a polyphonic modular host for LV2 plugins that is itself an LV2 plugin. Ingen is a client/server system with strict separation between client(s) and the audio engine. This allows for many different configurations, such as a monolithic JACK application, a plugin in another host, or a remote-controlled network service. Unlike systems which compile or export plugins, Ingen itself runs in other hosts with all editing facilities available. This allows users to place a dynamic patching environment anywhere a host supports LV2 plugins. Graphs are natively saved in LV2 format, so users can develop and share plugins with others, without any programming skills.

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