Linux Audio Conference 2010
The conference about Open Source Software for music and sound
May 1-4 2010, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Call for papers, music and workshops

Papers can be submitted for review via the openconf system. Templates for paper submission are available for LaTeX and OpenOffice from here.

  • Deadline for paper submissions: February 14th, 2010
  • Notification of paper acceptance: March 14th, 2010
  • Deadline for final version of paper: April 4th, 2010

Call for papers

Papers must be written and presented in English. In general a presentation should take 20–30 minutes followed by 5 minutes discussion.

Below is a list of possible subjects for papers and presentations. This list is meant as a starting point, not to restrict you.

Not all papers need to address Linux Audio. Subjects from related fields like open source music applications, open source software for music or sound research and open content are also very welcome.

  • The influence of education on Open Source Software for music
  • Composing
  • Recording
  • Web based music collaboration and social networks
  • Music analysis
  • Installations [1]
  • Linux Audio core system [2]
  • Multi platform music software
  • Live performance
  • Physical modeling
  • Open content (e.g. Creative Commons)
  • Dedicated Linux distros (music, audio, multimedia)
  • Fully integrated Web based audio programming
  • Audio hardware support
  • Opportunities for Open Source Music Software in an educational environment
  • Real instruments, electronic instruments and combinations
  • Standards

[1] fi. any independently functioning sound setup, e.g. part of an art installation, but other than the regular recording/playback/performance setups
[2] The foundation of Linux Audio : ALSA, PulseAudio, JACK etc...

Call for music

Guidelines for submitting your music and associated work are described in callformusic.pdf.

Call for workshops

If you want to organise a training, workshop or other activity please contact the lac committee or post it on our wiki.
June 07 2010, Marc Groenewegen & Robin Gareus