Linux Audio Conference 2010
The conference about Open Source Software for music and sound
May 1-4 2010, Utrecht, the Netherlands

The Linux Audio Conference is an international conference about Open Source Software for music, sound and other media with Linux as the main platform.

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  • To bring developers, musicians, composers and other users together
  • To discuss the Linux Audio core system
  • To discuss Linux Audio applications
  • To discuss Open Source music and sound applications
  • To inform about Open Source Software for Music
  • To inform about Open Content licences
  • To collaborate and exchange information
  • To improve the software
  • To understand the needs of the users

Target audience

The Linux Audio Conference audience consists of software designers, programmers, musicians, composers, engineers and others with a serious interest in Open Source Software for Music and Sound.

What to expect

  • Presentations (preferably about a paper)
  • Poster sessions
  • Workshops
  • Concerts
  • Live coding sessions


See Contact

We need you !

Please visit the LAC 2010 wiki to read about developments going on behind the scenes. Your contributions and ideas are highly appreciated, so please register and join the club. See the participation page for information on how to answer to the call for paper-presentations, workshops and music.
June 07 2010, Marc Groenewegen & Robin Gareus