LAC 2015: Video: "Publishing plugins on the MOD Cloud" by MOD Team
Linux Audio Conference 2015
Publishing plugins on the MOD Cloud
MOD Team
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One of the most important components of the MOD cloud services is the LV2 plugin store. With it developers will be able to publish their plugins to both the devices (MOD Duo and MOD Quadra) as for the desktop users.

This workshop is intended to explain the proposed system in detail with a hands-on approach, covering the whole publishing process, including:

- creating a request for publishing
- source code verification
- plugin building for
- Intel Atom (MOD Quadra)
- ARMv7 (MOD Duo)
- Generic x86 (MOD Desktop App)
- Generic amd64
- bundle generation, verification and publishing

MOD Team members from all elements of the pipeline will be present to explain technical details and collect feedback and demands from the developers.

The licensing model propositions will also be discussed, with a special care to the distinctions on commercial x non-comercial and open-source x non-open-source.

Presenters: Alexandre Cunha, Luis Fagundes, Filipe Coelho , Bruno Gola and Ricardo Crudo.

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