LAC 2015: Video: "Arch Linux as a lightweight audio platform" by David Runge
Linux Audio Conference 2015
Arch Linux as a lightweight audio platform
David Runge
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This workshop discusses several purposes and reasons for chosing a rolling release distribution over a frequent release candidate one which translate very well into the field of pro-audio application:
- Higher possibility for configurability
- Software versions are up-to-date
- Newer kernels guarantee (or at least raise the possibility for) better compatibility with hardware (old and new)
- Easier to build own packages, if not limited by outdated core components
- Distribution documentation is up-to-date (less possibility for ambuigity)
- Better chance for lightweight customization (if that's your thing)

In this tutorial I will elaborate further on the concepts and environments I chose to create concert- and installation-ready environments. This will include (but is not limited to):
- Arch Linux package management (pacman and aura)
- Arch Audio
- Systemd
- Awesome WM
- Realtime kernels
- Custom JACK2 startup scripts

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