LAC 2015: Video: "MIDI Player Pro" by Hans Petter Selasky
Linux Audio Conference 2015
MIDI Player Pro
Hans Petter Selasky
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MidiPlayerPro, MIDIPP, is the engineers answer to playing a digital piano.
Playing a piano is a three dimensional problem. You need to know when to play a key, how hard to press it and which key to hit. MIDIPP removes the last dimension leaving you as the musician with a two dimensional problem. In fact playing the piano becomes so easy you only need a single hand to perform the most common tasks an old-style musician will need two hands for.
The software allows you to play the piano in many new and exciting ways for your own and others pleasure. It can also be used to generate simple lyrics and chord handouts when playing in a band, and has many tools for creating music and finding chords.
MIDIPP is fully open-source and is available for Linux, FreeBSD, IOS and MACOS.

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