LAC 2015: Video: "Ten years of Qstuff*: Is it good enough already?" by Rui Nuno Capela
Linux Audio Conference 2015
Ten years of Qstuff*: Is it good enough already?
Rui Nuno Capela
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This workshop serves as a reinstatement or continuation of the previous sessions presented on LAC2013@IEM-Graz and LAC2014@ZKM-Karlsruhe, as an informal hands-on conversation, open discussion and impromptu demonstration of any relevant aspects and not so obvious ones of the Qtuff* software suite. Main subject though shall be Qtractor audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer project, while celebrating its tenth anniversary ephemeris. Both developers and users in general are invited and welcome to attend, discuss and exchange their thoughts about the specifics and the future of Qtractor and other Qtuff* as well, on how and what can be tackled, tamed and improved to push each one's objectives a little bit closer.

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