LAC 2015: Video: "Embedded Sound Synthesis" by Victor Lazzarini, Joseph Timoney, Shane Byrne
Linux Audio Conference 2015
Embedded Sound Synthesis
Victor Lazzarini, Joseph Timoney, Shane Byrne
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This article introduces the use of the Intel Galileo development board as a platform for sound synthesis and processing, in conjunction with the Csound sound and music computing system. The board includes an Arduino-compatible electronics interface, and runs an embedded systems version of the Linux operating system. The paper describes the relevant hardware and software environment. It introduces a port of Csound, which includes custom frontends that take some advantage of the board capabilities. As a case study, a MIDI synthesizer is explored as one of the many potential applications of the system. Further possibilities of the technology for Ubiquitous Music are also discussed, which use the various interfacing facilities present on the Galileo.

The demo video from the talk is available here:

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