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Linux Audio Conference 2015
The Open Source Music and Sound Conference
April 9-12 @ Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) Mainz, Germany
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Fons Adriaensen

Fons Adriaensen


Huawei ERC



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  • Audio measurement workshop (part 2)
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Fons Adriaensen currently works as a Principal Researcher at the European Research Center of Huawei in München, Germany. Before that he lived seven years in Italy, working for the University and for La Casa della Musica in Parma. Previous activities include DSP engineering at Alcatel Space and music recording for the Belgian public broadcaster BRTN.
His contributions to Linux Audio include the pipe organ synthesiser Aeolus, a number of DSP oriented libraries and applications, various plugins, and tools for audio and acoustic measurement.
He has actively participated in most LAC editions, and organised LAC 2009 in Parma. Johannes Gutenberg University Institut für Kunstgeschichte und Musikwissenschaft Hochschule für Musik
Journalistisches Seminar Grame - Centre national de création musicale HKU University of the Arts Utrecht Bitwig - next generation music software for Linux, Mac, Windows
HörTech gGmbH Oldenburg MOD - Step onto the future
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