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Linux Audio Conference 2014
The Open Source Music and Sound Conference
May 1-4 @ ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

Conference Material Download

Moving along with the conference schedule, we're collecting slides and workshop-material to be made available for remote participants and later archiving.

Most slides are directly linked from the program-entry (click on the table-entry or use the list-view). However due to diversity of the content, last-minute hand-ins and logistics, some files are dumped at indexed below:

Dir Listing

DrumGizmo-Presentation.pdf6.82 MiB
Heller-Benjamin-Ambi-decoder-toolbox_LAC2014.pdf15.93 MiB
LAC2014-FaustLive.pdf8.93 MiB
LAC2014_Proceedings.pdf33.99 MiB
Meet_MOD.pdf1.90 MiB
OM-presentation-LAC-2014.pdf1.80 MiB
SKraft_BeaqleJS.pdf815.04 KiB
WiLMA-slides.pdf897.34 KiB
csoundonthewebslides.pdf447.17 KiB
graef_albert_LAC14_slides.pdf371.62 KiB
guido_solomon_LAC2014.pdf33.87 KiB
lac-filipe_coelho_dpf.odp372.38 KiB
lac2014-call-for-miw.pdf1.69 MiB
lac2014-templates.tar.gz27.29 KiB
lac2014_lv2_atoms_presentation.pdf121.58 KiB
lac_lightning_talk_falktx.odp372.38 KiB
measurement-workshop.pdf176.29 KiB
muditulib_funsseelen_lac2014.pdf271.88 KiB
openavReleaseSlides.pdf339.88 KiB
raspmodsyn.pdf517.37 KiB
renick.zip1.97 MiB
routing_OSC_via_vanilla_JACK.pdf96.18 KiB
slides.pdf263.68 KiB
synaesthesia.pdf95.84 KiB
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