Linux Audio Conference 2012
The Open Source Music and Sound Conference
April 12-15 @ CCRMA, Stanford University, CA, USA

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Frank Ekeberg

Frank Ekeberg



Frank Ekeberg (b. 1970, Norway) began exploring the compositional potential of music technology in the mid-1980s when he got ahold of a 4-track cassette recorder and a couple of guitar effects pedals. He received an undergraduate degree in music from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) before he went on to pursue a master's degree in electronic music at Mills College in Oakland, California, where he studied composition with Pauline Oliveros and Alvin Curran, and a PhD in electroacoustic composition at City University in London, UK, under Denis Smalley's and Simon Emmerson's tutelage.
Frank Ekeberg currently works freelance as a composer and sound designer in Tempe, Arizona, USA.

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