Linux Audio Conference 2012
The Open Source Music and Sound Conference
April 12-15 @ CCRMA, Stanford University, CA, USA

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Day 3 - Saturday, April/14 
10pm Debb and Duff play the music you ate your first crawdad by - Concert
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 Miller Puckette, Juliana Snapper
A normal-looking country music duo, dressed a la Nashville and brandishing a guitar, an autoharp, and a wooden cooking spoon, perform new, sometimes ironic versions of old-timey tunes. What comes out of the speakers is only partly identifiable as the instruments and voices of the musicians. Their 20-minute set combines standards (Dolly Parton; Johnny Cash) with more obscure fare, all transformed using experimental signal processing algorithms implemented in Pd on linux.

Day 3 - Saturday, April/14 
10pm Luppp & Harry - Concert
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 Harry van Haaren
Live performance of Luppp & Harry on stage, with some loops being loaded from disk, some live parameter twiddling, some live noises being made and looped. No particular "routine" will be practiced, it will be a live improve on the day, with some pre-made loops & melodies.

Day 3 - Saturday, April/14 
10pm Cancelled: CIA-X Audio Unit - Concert
 Romain Papion, Julien Ottavi
CIA-X is a new band coming from APO33 collective. For this time the two representants of the crew for the Linux Sound Night are Romain Papion aka Cambia and Julien Ottavi aka Jokiller. This project is an evolution of underground Hip Hop with the influences of experimental music. All original instrumentals are created with libre software like ardour, Puredata, LMMS and lead with the voices of the mc's, mixing french and english lyrics, stories and abstract poetry.

Day 3 - Saturday, April/14 
10pm Compositions in Loops nos. 1 and 2 - Concert
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 Zachary Berkowitz
Compositions in Loops nos. 1 and 2 present a performance interface with a tight integration between audio and visual elements created using the open-source software Pure Data and GEM. This allows the performer to fluidly compose and perform within the audio-visual realm, and attempts to eliminate any disparity between the two elements.
These are pieces born of accidents, glitches, and mistakes. As in all art, these works are a product of the feedback loop that occurs between the artist and their chosen medium. Sometimes, we are reduced to observing the medium's behavior and trying to intervene.

Day 3 - Saturday, April/14 
10pm Secret Chiptunes and Time Explorations from a Bedroom - Concert
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 Grant Centauri
This was a last minute set put together for Linux Sound Night, as another performer dropped out. The first set of music is all from a video game that was never made. The tunes were composed with Nitrotracker on the Nintendo DS, a nice example of free software opening up closed hardware and making it do something that was never intended. The last two pieces are granular explorations of the same Beach Boys song, one with lyrics written specifically for this performance.

The schedule is a major guideline. There is no guarantee events will take place at the announced timeslot.
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