Linux Audio Conference 2012
The Open Source Music and Sound Conference
April 12-15 @ CCRMA, Stanford University, CA, USA

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Day 2 - Friday the 13th 
2pm JunctionBox for Android: An Interaction Toolkit for Android-based Mobile Devices - Paper Presentation
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(45 min) Lawrence Fyfe, Adam Tindale, Sheelagh Carpendale » Location: Campbell Recital Hall
JunctionBox is an interaction toolkit specifically designed for building sound control interfaces. The toolkit allows developers to build interfaces for Android mobile devices, including phones and tablets. Those devices can then be used to remotely control any sound engine via OSC messaging. While the toolkit makes many aspects of interface development easy, the toolkit is designed to offer considerable power to developers looking to build novel interfaces.

The schedule is a major guideline. There is no guarantee events will take place at the announced timeslot.
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