Jörn Nettingsmeier: Shake, Rattle and Roll

In Summer 2008, the world's first wave field synthesis live transmission (of Olivier Messiaen's "Livre du Saint Sacrement") took place between Cologne Cathedral and the WFS auditorium at Technische Universität Berlin.
The music was captured by 20 microphones with a mixture of spot miking and Hamasaki square technique, i.e. without a dedicated "Hauptmikrofon", as this was found desirable for the intended reconstruction on a WFS system.
This paper describes an attempt to reconstruct the "original" spatial distribution of the three widely separated organ works from the concert recordings using Ambisonic encoding. The actual azimuths and elevations of the spot mikes were measured relative to a carefully chosen "virtual" listening position and recreated with ambisonic panning. The toolkit used for post-production (and the live transmission setup as well) consists exclusively of free software, centered around Ardour and Jack on a Linux system.

Photo of Joern Nettingsmeier

Paper: PDF
Slides: JoernNettingsmeier_ShakeRattleAndRoll.pdf
Microphone data file: mikedata.ods
Video Recording: See http://lad.linuxaudio.org/events/2009_cdm/videos/
Homepage: http://stackingdwarves.net/public_stuff/event_documentation/wfs_live_transmission_2008/