Richard Spindler: The Current State of Linux Video Production Software and its Developer Community

According to Linux and Open Source/Free Software thought leaders, the current situation in Linux video editing and production software still leaves a lot to be desired. Here I give an accurate overview of the software that is already being developed for Linux video editing, or that is currently being worked on. I will introduce the developers or/and the development communities that are behind these projects, and how collaboration between projects works. I will mention interesting events and places where Linux video developers meet, and what groups might be interested in our work, or ought to be involved into specific aspects of our work. I will outline where projects are still lacking to support specific use cases, and why they matter. Furthermore, I will discuss open problems, as well as opportunities for participation and collaboration, and I will make some predictions about the future, based on the work that was already done, and that is currently being tackled.
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