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La Casa della Musica invites all Linux Audio developers, users, composers, musicians, philosophers and anyone interested to

The Linux Audio Conference 2009

16-19 April 2009

La Casa della Musica

Palazzo Cusani

Parma, Italy

Parma: La Casa della Musica
The LAC will go outside Germany for the first time, but we will keep close to the familiar four-day format with paper presentations, workshops, electro-acoustic music concerts, and the Linux Sound Night. The website is being created, and 'calls for everything' will be issued before the end of this week. The conference starts a few weeks later than the previous one, which allows the deadlines for everything to be moved as well. For the papers and music calls this will be somewhere mid January, so you can use the end-of-year holiday period to get creative. We hope to see you all in Parma! Fons Adriaensen, LAD Francesca Montresor, CdM Parma: La Casa della Suono
Parma, Italy
Parma: Pallazo Cusani
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