Travel & Stay

Public transport

To get around Berlin with public transport, please have a look at the BVG website. They offer apps and plans.
An extensive and well-functioning alternative is the transportr app, using the BVG API.

Getting there

All locations are in or close to Berlin-Mitte.
They all have their closest public transport connections listed.


Berlin (currently) has two airports:

Both are well-connected to Berlin-Mitte by public transport during all hours of the day!


You can come by train to the following train stations:


Deutsche Bahn is selling train tickets from all major German cities to Berlin.

Staying around

Although sleep is not allowed at c-base (no joke!), you could however stay there overnight, if you're (with) a member and a cey member is keeping the space station open. The no-sleep-option is not something one might want to pursue for a couple of days though.

The below list is just an excerpt of what is available in the close surrounding (close to the S/U-Bahn lines U2, U8, S5, S7, S75).


Many hotels are located in Berlin-Mitte. You won't have trouble finding a room most likely, depending on if you're willing to pay for it.

  • ibis, near Ostbahnhof
  • Catalonia, near U Heinrich-Heine-Straße
  • NH, south of U Heinrich-Heine-Straße


There are plenty of (admittedly not necessarily nice) hostels in the close surroundings of the space station.

Holiday homes

Alternative stays

Cities like Berlin have a large user-space of the following platforms, you might find useful: