The Linux Audio Conference (LAC) is the international conference about Free/Open-Source Software for music, sound and other media with GNU/Linux as the main platform.
The 2018 edition (the sixteenth installment of the conference) will take place June 7th - 10th at c-base and other locations, which will be announced in the final schedule.
The LAC is a not-for-profit (and free for all) conference, that is organized by individuals, institutions and associations on a volunteer basis.
Due to its nature and its non-static location, the LAC is not able to provide compensation for travel or stay of any participant, nor is it able to commission or provide a budget for works performed or installed during the conference.

Target audience

The Linux Audio Conference brings together musicians, composers, sound artists, software developers, researchers and engineers working with Linux as an open, stable, professional platform for audio and media research and music production.

What to expect

  • Paper presentations
  • Poster sessions
  • Workshops
  • Concerts
  • Sound Installations
  • Live coding sessions
  • Excursions
The involved institutions can be found in the footer of this website.
The conference team uses an issue tracker, in case you would like to get involved.
Relevant information about the conference can be found on the pages for the call for papers and works, travel and stay and contact.

Privacy statement

The conference's privacy and licensing statement can be found here.


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