LAC 2015: Video: "Live 3D Sound Spatialization with 3Dj" by Andres Perez-Lopez
Linux Audio Conference 2015
Live 3D Sound Spatialization with 3Dj
Andres Perez-Lopez
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3Dj is a SuperCollider library for real-time interactive 3D sound spatialization. It arises from the need of a free, multiplatform, Linux-compatible framework for sound spatialization. 3Dj is implemented in a modular way. On the one hand, the Scene Simulator provides convenience abstractions for handling sound objects in a virtual environment (physical modeling, predefined motions, visualization). These informations are sent through OSC to the Spatial Render, which synthesizes the resulting audio. Rendering can be done in Higher Order Ambisonics (up to 3rd order), VBAP or HRTF. Communication is based on the SpatDIF protocol, facilitating the use of alternative simulators/renders. SpatDIF recording and playback capabilities are also provided. 3Dj is implemented in SuperCollider, and makes use of several free software audio projects (Ambisonics Toolkit, AmbDec, Jack).
The talk will be complemented with a demonstration of the software in the installation space.

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