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Linux Audio Conference 2015
The Open Source Music and Sound Conference
April 9-12 @ Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) Mainz, Germany
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Conference Schedule

During the conference, live A/V streams are available for the main track: High Quality and Low Bandwidth.

Remote participants are invited to join #lac2015 on, to be able to take part in the discussions, ask questions, and get technical assistance in case of stream problems.

Conference Material can be found on the Download Page.

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All times are CEST = UTC+2

Day 2 - Friday, April/10 
10:00 The Sound Of People
(135 min)  David Runge » Location: Installation Space
Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are molecular DNA markers, that are actively being researched in general science all over the world right now. Companies like 23andMe (and others) offer sequencing parts of their customers genome (and afterwards sends that collection of data to them). To free these sets of data for use in open science, openSNP started its work on collecting, indexing and making available their users' uploads. The Sound of People was one of the first attempts of synthesizing sounds from them. It was written in the SuperCollider audio synthesis language and has been developed with the help of the Electronic Studio of TU Berlin. The software creates a unique audio experience for up to twelve speakers.

Day 2 - Friday, April/10 
14:45 Arch Linux as a lightweight audio platform - Workshop
Slides  Video  
(90 min)  David Runge » Location: Workshop I (P2)
This workshop discusses several purposes and reasons for chosing a rolling release distribution over a frequent release candidate one which translate very well into the field of pro-audio application:
- Higher possibility for configurability
- Software versions are up-to-date
- Newer kernels guarantee (or at least raise the possibility for) better compatibility with hardware (old and new)
- Easier to build own packages, if not limited by outdated core components
- Distribution documentation is up-to-date (less possibility for ambuigity)
- Better chance for lightweight customization (if that's your thing)

In this tutorial I will elaborate further on the concepts and environments I chose to create concert- and installation-ready environments. This will include (but is not limited to):
- Arch Linux package management (pacman and aura)
- Arch Audio
- Systemd
- Awesome WM
- Realtime kernels
- Custom JACK2 startup scripts

The schedule is a major guideline. There is no guarantee events will take place at the announced timeslot.
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