LAC 2014: Video: "Using KMI's SoftStep Foot Controller with Linux" by Matthieu Amiguet
Linux Audio Conference 2014
Using KMI's SoftStep Foot Controller with Linux
Matthieu Amiguet
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KMI's SoftStep Foot Controller is a very compact yet incredibly powerful foot controller. Roughly the size and weight of an average USB keyboard, it features 44 pressure sensors grouped in 14 "keys", allowing for new and creative ways to control computer-based live music performances. Unfortunately, to get the full power of the device, you need to use KMI's software which, in addition to being rather unintuitive, is only compatible with Windows and Mac Os.
This lightning talk will present FooCoCo (The Foot Controller Controller), a python/pyo-based project that intends to unleash the full power of the SoftStep (allowing possibly even more than KMI's original software) in a FOSS, Linux-compatible way. The project is in early stages of development and will welcome ideas and contributions!

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