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Linux Audio Conference 2014
The Open Source Music and Sound Conference
May 1-4 @ ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany


Will you still be around Sunday afternoon?
The final event of the conference will be a trip to to «Bruchsal», a village in the «Kranichgau», the hilly region in between the Black Forest and Odenwald about 30 minutes from Karlsruhe.

The specifics regarding the excursion are yet to be confirmed (ETA 7/April/2014). The general outline is as follows:

  • At 12:00 we will visit the Museum For Music Automata: Deutsches Musikautomten-Museum located in the Château of Bruchsal. (Visiting the museum is voluntary, and you can stay as long as you wish until the museum closes at 17h.)
    The Museum houses the most important collection of music machines worldwide. The around 500 exhibits of the museum include developments from early handicraft production of the 17th and 18th Century until its golden age in the industrial age of the late 19th Century and finally to the demise of the mechanical automata during the time of the Great Depression in the late twenties in the 20th Century.
  • Around 15:00 we'll meet in a tavern close-by (Brauhaus Wallhall - Am Kübelmarkt 8) to close the conference in style. Participation is voluntary but highly recommended :)


Schloss Bruchsal
Château of Bruchsal

Practical Information

When and how long?

  • We will meet around 10:35 in front of the main station (north entrance) and leave via tram at 10:50.
  • We will leave Bruchsal at 18h and the scheduled arrival back in Karlsruhe is around 19:00.

How much is the trip?

The transport and the guided tours in the museum are sponsored by the ZKM. The museum entry ticket and food/drinks are on you. The museum offers a special reduction for the LAC, so one ticket is 2.50 EUR (instead of 4.50 EUR).

Where do I sign up?

At the registration desk at the conference venue on a first come, first serve basis.

We may contact all registered attendees prior to the conference regarding pre-reservation (mid April) regarding the number of buses or train tickets for pre-sale. Please stay tuned.

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