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Linux Audio Conference 2013
The Open Source Music and Sound Conference
May 9-12 @ IEM, Graz, Austria
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LAC 2013 is
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University of Music, Graz
TU Graz Dept. Social Learning
Forum Stadtpark
Land Steiermark - Wissenschaft & Forschung

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Day 1 - Thursday, May/9 
21:00 Cancelled: chdh - egregore - Concert
 Cyrille Henry, Nicolas Montgermont » Location: Postgarage
"Egrégore" means an energy produced by the desires of many individuals in a common goal. This is the starting point of this audiovisual performance that aims to exploit the group movement phenomenas. Complex and expressive behaviors are generated and controlled by a computer and transcribed in sound and image. A crowd of particles deploys itself, reorganizes, blends into living structures more or less coherent, evolving from a chaotic movement toward a cohesive group. This project is a continuation of chdh's work on audiovisual instruments, but aims to radicalize the search.
Collective Behaviors
Groups behavior is an interesting field of research due to the great complexity of evolution and forms generated by the interaction of subjects in a crowd. A crowd of identical elements can create surprising shapes and movements. This is the case in some schools of fish or flock of birds: each element adapts its speed and position based on those of its neighbors. From these elementary movements rises structures organized in shapes whose diversity is a reflect of the behavior they are based on. A global shape is created by the sum of individual wills: noisy lines or clouds turn into fractals from chaotic dynamics. All these elements can have a common purpose, be opposed in different subgroups or evolved independently.
Egregore seeks to capitalize the experience gained since 2002 around the main axes of chdh's work: physical modeling and synthesis of behavior applied to the creation of audiovisual instruments. In egregore, there is only one composed form, a macro structure born thanks to a crowd of micro-elements creating a visual and sound space. Under the action of the two instrumentalists, this audiovisual form evolves and mutates. In one continuous gesture, the elements evolves from a chaotic movement to a consistent organism.

The schedule is a major guideline. There is no guarantee events will take place at the announced timeslot.
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