Linux Audio Conference 2011
Luka Princic // Nova DeViator

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Transmittance explores artistic and scientific collaboration which is local, global, networked and broadcasted. It aims to research performative possibilities of streaming, broadcasting and telepresence forging new types of performance and audience with focus on critical and socially aware artistic languages. A Transmittance context: Free streaming technology and telepresence software opened a possibility for new affordable spaces for performance. In late capitalism we are bombarded with images of body. We are manipulated with the notions of freedom and pleasure through the visual. It's an environment that increasingly segregates people by way of ethically questionable free market logic principles. Free software and open standards encourage innovation, cooperation and solidarity in developed and developing world. Processing of the audio/visual and the corporeal on a stage is an important strategy to subvert the numbing and blinding effects of contemporary life. Let's invent our own ways how to position our perceptions of self in relation to freedom, pleasure and society of (promised) wealth. Let's open new spaces of visibility for performance and new media art. We need to actively bypass power structures that have a hold on physical spaces of artistic representation. Let's forge connections to new online audiences and collide different specifics of various artistic media.

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