Lectures / Workshops / Exhibition / Concerts / Clubnight – 28.2.-2.3.2008 Cologne

LAC2008 is over … but we’re not finished yet!

The obligatory LAC2008 group photoWhat a wonderful four days and nights: LAC2008 ended on Sunday, 2 Mar 2008, and we’re almost finished cleaning up its physical remains, bringing back gear we borrowed from all over KHM and various other places. But this is not yet the end of LAC2008!

Now the archive team takes over control to collect the hours of movie and audio material recorded, make it accessible to you out there and to give those of the participants who spend the LAC2008 hacking in the cafeteria instead of visiting the talks a chance to catch up by watching the recordings at home. All this will take a while, so please watch this space for many changes in the next couple of days and for some more changes later on.

Oh: And actually LAC2009 might happen in Parma/Italy. Keep your fingers crossed!

Frank and Martin

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Clubbing at LAC2008

LAC clubbing Day 10 (or 2 for your decimal-counters out there) of LAC2008 turned out to become the longest of them all. A full set of paper sessions with ambisonics at home, workshopping with Miller Puckette (Pd) and finally clubbing at the Studio 672 for hours. We saw and heard amazing live sets by the Pd crowd from Graz/AT (6 pd’ers from there played two sets), crunchy sounds and robotical visuals from Malte Steiner’s “Notstandkomittee”, Aide Auditive (France) and the rocking Segmentation Faults from Barcelona, while Claudius Maximus of GOTO10 took seat to push the keys more comfortably to create a driving proli-rhythmic techhouse set.

Finally Marc N. and Patrick Catani (remember E de Cologne? Yes, that one.) took over with their GP2X consoles to completely wreck the Studio 672 basement and had everyone jumping and shouting in seconds. You had to be there or be square wave!

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LAC2008 is booted!

LAC booting It has started: The Linux Audio Conference 2008 has begun and the first W-LAN-problems have been solved by the most important person here: our sysadmin Bob O’Kane. We had a nice greeting with great talks by Prof. Anthony Moore of KHM and our patron, Cologne’s vice mayor Angela Spizig. Then after some some organisational annoucements by your overworked orga team Frank Barknecht and Martin Rumori, John fffitch took over the job of actually starting the Linux and Audio part of LAC with a Csound implementation of a Blues band.

For some impressions of the LAC boot process see the first pictures by Niels Mlynek, our trusty conference eye.

The Stream is frequented a lot, we have about 200-390 regulars now. Join us on Streaming to vew or listen to streams as well.

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Concert and paper programme online

Here’s the news post you’ve all been waiting for: The (preliminary) concert and paper timetable is online. Follow the links in the sidebar to get as excited as we are about the music you’re about to hear and the Linux audio knowledge about to be spread at this year’s Linux Audio Conference in Cologne.

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Registration for LAC2008 Open

The Linux Audio Conference 2008 in Cologne (Feb 28th – Mar 2nd 2008) is just one month away now. The programme is shaping up, concerts are being organized and coffee is about to be ordered.

To help us with planning the LAC2008 we kindly ask you to register now at the conference website. This helps us to estimate how many visitors we may expect, what individuals the audience is made of, and allows to produce name tags for all attendees so that it becomes easier to identify each other.

To register, please use the Registration form.

Also we now have put accommodation info plus some maps of the conference location online. You can find these under Visitor Info.

Finally if you’re living in Cologne or nearby: We are looking for volunteers who would like to help out in any way, e.g. to host artists and paper presenters in their flat. If you want to offer your help, please contact the LAC2008 orga team at lac@linuxaudio.org

The LAC2008 chair is looking forward to have another great conference with you all.

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Words from the Chair: LAC is shaping up

Here’s an update on the current state of things regarding your favourite Linux Audio event. To remind you: the international Linux audio scene is making use of the additional leap day this year for its annual Linux Audio Conference 2008, February 28th to March 2nd 2008 at the Academy of Media Arts (KHM), Cologne. The paper and music selection process is over, and we’re now working on the exact timetable.

The Conference

The particiants of LAC2008 will experience four days crammed full with presentations of new developments in Linux audio software and how this is used by artists and scientists in concrete projects around the world.

The Soundlab of the Academy is delighted to have Miller S. Puckette from San Diego as a keynote speaker. The inventor of the now commercially sold media production software Max/MSP is now leading development of “Pure Data”, a similar, but free (as in speech and as in beer) environment that in recent years became immensly popular among media and sound artists.

All together about 20 presentations are planned for the LAC. Just one example is a talk that explains the technical background of the much-lauded installation “Movable Type” in the new building of the New York Times, where 280 mini-computers running Linux were used on a wall display. And then 280 more on the opposite wall! Admission to all presentations is free.

The Concerts

There will be three concerts at the “Stadtgarten” in Cologne. Two of these are “classical” concerts with a mixture of experimental, improvised or taped music all made using Linux as main platform. The final line-up is currently being decided, but the audience can expect to hear computer music from all over the world. Artists will come from the USA and Canada, Austria, UK, Poland and many other countries.

A third concert night will happen at the “Studio 672″, the club basement of the “Stadtgarten”. This allnighter is going to focus on electronic music coming from a club background like ambient dub, 8bit chipsounds, bass-heavy nerdcore and higher-dimensional techno.

The Exhibition

Linux is well known for its stability, and just as webservers need to run 24/7, many media installations involving computers need a stable system running for days or weeks, too. So Linux is getting popular among media artists as well, a trend that will be visible in the sound art exhibition of the LAC2008. The exhibition will present works by students of the Academy of Media Arts plus site-specific works by invited artists.

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Extended deadline for music and paper submissions

The deadline for the Call for Papers and Call for Music for the Linux Audio Conference 2008 (LAC2008) has been extended. The new and final deadline for paper and music submissions is now:

Thursday, December 6, 2007, 24:00 UTC
(This is equal to Friday, December 7, 2007, 0:00 UTC)

We invite submissions of papers addressing all areas of audio processing based on Linux and open source software. Papers can focus on technical, artistic or scientific issues and can target developers or users. Please use this form for submitting papers: http://lac.linuxaudio.org/2008/openconf.

We are also looking for music that has been produced completely or mostly under Linux and/or with open source software from every genre: compositions, Electronica, Chill-Out, Ambient, etc.

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Paper submission now open!

The online form for the submission of papers for LAC2008 is now open! Authors please use the conference management system at http://lac.linuxaudio.org/2008/openconf.

We invite submissions of papers addressing all areas of audio processing based on Linux and open source software. Papers can focus on technical, artistic or scientific issues and can target developers or users. For details please refer to the call for papers.

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Linux Audio Conference 2008

The 6th Linux Audio Conference is taking place in Cologne (Germany) Feb 28th to March 2nd 2008.

The Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, is proud to host the Linux Audio Conference 2008, where once a year programmers and artists, musicians, composers and practitioners gather to discuss and explore new and important developments in making music and sounds with Linux and Open Source software.

The Linux Audio Conference is both a meeting of developers writing audio software for Linux as it is a music festival, where artists from all over the world show how free software can create fresh and exciting new sounds.

A wide range of workshops, talks and presentations will once again prove, how Tux, the friendly penguin, spreads its little wings into areas, that no longer are the realm for the big fish alone – like computer music, sound engineering and audio distribution. The LAC aims at bringing together developers and users of Linux and open source audio software with the goal of information sharing, project discussions, making (and dancing to) music.

Each day of the conference there will be a concert which features music composed and created with open source software.

We are looking forward to many interesting submissions for the 6th International Linux Audio Conference 2008 and we hope to see you in Cologne 2008!

Further informations and an overview over all calls can be found here:

You also may want to explore what the past conferences were like:

The team of LAC2008 is working hard to make the LAC Cologne again a successful and most of all fun event for all visitors and participants. If you have further questions, want to cooperate with us or just cannot wait anymore, you can always contact us by email: lac@linuxaudio.org.

Hear you in 2008!
Frank Barknecht and Martin Rumori

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