LAC2007 - 5th International Linux Audio Conference
                       22-25 March 2007 @ TU Berlin, Germany

Submission Instructions / Check List

Please include the following information in your submission. Scroll down to ensure you observe all entries. Copy/paste the relevant entries into your email program and complete them.

Make sure that you have read all relevant information about the call you want to respond to (all calls).

All Calls

  • Name(s) of author(s)
  • Email address
  • I submit a proposal for:

    • paper, workshop, demo, tutorial, hands on demo, music

  • Title of the paper, demo, piece, etc.

All except music

My submission is best suited to this session (if none applies please specify a new one):

  • Computer Music
  • Music Production
  • Instruments
  • Drivers and Sound Architecture
  • Audio Distributions
  • Generic (Usage, Documentation etc.)
  • Other: (Please specify)


  • The copyright will remain with me.
  • I / we affirm that I am the only holder of the copyright of the paper (incl. images). Otherwise, I list the persons who are additional copyright holders of the paper and/or images
  • I / we agree that my paper will be published in the conference proceedings of LAC2007 (in print and online) and on the conference CD.
  • I need a special technical setup (which? The standard setup you find here: Call for Papers)
  • I make extensive use of sound examples

Demo, Workshop, Tutorial, Hands on Demo

  • I include an abstract (that will be published online)


Music has to be submitted via mail rather than email. Only music for the Radio Music Call can be send by email(provide us with a link to your piece(s)) as well. However we need the technical requirements, your curriculum vitae (CV) and the description of the piece in electronic format. You either can email those data or include them on CD-ROM in your mail.

  • I include in my mail a signed printout of the "Music Submission Form" found here:
  • I include information on requirements (field Requirements for performance):
  • any technical requirements
  • if the piece needs a performer / I peform the piece myself
  • I include my CV (field Biography)
  • I include a short commentary of the piece (field Program notes)
  • Attach a short abstract if you would like to give a talk about your piece.