LAD Meeting @ ZKM Karlsruhe 2004

The second Linux Audio Conference at ZKM Karlsruhe/Germany has been a huge success and great fun for everybody, although 4 days is a little hard on your brain...

We streamed the presentations over the web in real time, and you will be able to download the recordings in ogg vorbis format after we have finished editing them. We also have loads of webcam stills lying around, and we might do something with it at some point.

The program is available here.

You can browse miscallaneous, photos, recordings and slides

You can find the Conference Proceedings on the ZKM site

Here's the list of stream relay providers. Huge thanks to everbody involved, and thanks to all who followed the streams and participated via IRC. It's been great fun.

  1. free software @ IRCAM
    IRCAM:Thanks to M. Hugues Vinet of IRCAM for donating 100 Mbit/s (YEAH!) to the Linux Audio Community, and thanks to François Déchelle and Patrice Tisserand for setting up and running the relay server.
  2. SpA SpA: Thanks to for helping us out with another 60 Mbit/s (YESSS!), and kudos to Marco d'Itri of the Italian Linux Society for his work.
  3. Salem Radio Labs
    Salem Radio Labs: Thanks to Fred Gleason and Salem Radio Labs for adding another 500Kbit/s to the Linux Audio World Domination effort. Logo Many thanks also to the guys at for making the world a better place with their free multimedia codecs, and to the developers of and contributors to the Icecast2 streaming server and the Ices2 streaming source client.

Special kudos to Karl Heyes for many hours of help in getting Ices2 to stream directly from JACK (yes, it does!), and to Jan Gerber for writing the Ices2 JACK input module.