LAD Meeting @ ZKM 2003

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The first Linux Audio Developers Meeting from took place from March 14 to 16 2003 at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe/Germany. It was organised by Dr. Matthias Nagorni of SuSE Linux AG, known to LAD'ers for his ALSA Modular Synth, Frank Neumann, the man who started the LinuxTag LAD booth, and Goetz Dipper of ZKM and has been a great success and lots of fun. Thanks to SuSE Linux AG and the ZKM for their funding and support!

On this page you'll find all the presentation slides and ogg-encoded recordings of the talks and the q & a sessions afterwards.

As additional sources of information, refer to the "official" website on the ZKM site and Dave Philips' excellent LinuxJournal report.

The German Magazine Studio Magazin ran a report in their April 2003 issue (No. 278), and they have kindly provided us with a pdf version for you to download (in German).

Another german periodical, the Linux Magazin, also had a two-page article about the meeting. Thanks to Andreas Grytz for the permission to re-publish it here (PDF).

We had live icecast mp3 streams of the presentations, which were used by up to 50 simultaneos users, some of which also made use of the #lad IRC channel on freenode to ask questions, so it seems it was worth the effort. In any case, it was fun. Emmett, if you're reading this, next year it will be ogg, promised :)

The bandwidth for the streaming of the event was donated for free by a number of institutions. Many thanks for supporting us! Logo

Special thanks to Hans-Dieter Weckmann and Jörg Stermann at the Hochschulrechenzentrum der Universität Duisburg, Thomas Neuhaus at Folkwang-Hochschule Essen, and to the Guy Who Shrugged at the Electronics and Computer Science Dept. of Southampton University.

Kudos to the authors of IceCast, and many thanks to the helpful folks on for their advice.

Presentation material:
Fri, 14:00 Paul DavisPaul Davis Keynote: Linux Audio Development - Past, Present and Future HTML slides Ogg 64kbit/s (10.0 MB)[1]
Fri, 15:00 Takashi IwaiTakashi Iwai Ruminations on ALSA drivers HTML slides Ogg 64kbit/s (21.9 MB)
Fri, 16:15 Jaroslav KyselaJaroslav Kysela ALSA - Always on the run .sxi (OpenOffice) slides, jpg tarball Ogg 64kbit/s (21.3 MB)
Fri, 17:30 Paul Davis Paul Davis The JACK Audio Connection Kit HTML slides Ogg 64kbit/s (22.5 MB)
Fri, 18:30 Frank van de PolFrank van de Pol Timing and Synchronisation for Sequencer Applications Eeevil M$ HTML slides Ogg 64kbit/s (15.7 MB)
Fri, 20:00 Matthias Nagorni Frank NeumannMatthias Nagorni / Frank Neumann Linux Sound Night - An Overview of Linux Audio Applications no slides available Ogg 64kbit/s (25.8 MB)
Sat, 14:00 Paul DavisPaul Davis 10 Things You Might Not Have Thought About When Writing An Audio Application HTML slides Ogg 64kbit/s (34.4 MB)
Sat, 15:45 Steve HarrisSteve Harris Digital Signal Processing and the LADSPA plugin interface HTML slides Ogg 64 kbit/s (14.3 MB)
Sat, 17:00 François DéchelleFrançois Déchelle Various IRCAM Free Software: jMax and OpenMusic PDF slides Ogg 64kbit/s (16.7 MB)
Sat, 18:00 Andrea GloriosoAndrea Glorioso AGNULA, A GNU/Linux Audio Distribution HTML slides Ogg 64kbit/s (10.9 MB)
Sat, 19:00 Fernando Pablo Lopez-LezcanoFernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano Soft Landing On Planet CCRMA HTML slides Ogg 64kbit/s (19.7 MB)
Sat, 20:00 Dave PhilipsDave Philips Linux Audio Development from a historic perspective no slides available Ogg 64kbit/s (13.3 MB)
Sat, 20:30 Paul DavisStefan WesterfeldPaul Davis, Stefan Westerfeld Linux Sound Night - Ardour + BEAST no slides available Ogg 64kbit/s (23.5 MB)

Some more photos:

Photos taken by Fernando. Thanks to Hartmut of ZKM for the recordings and the mixing.

Frank Neumann also took a couple of pictures, which are available here. Paul Winkler felt inspired to create an index with links, here it is (thanks Paul!):

[1] This track has some funny delay effect in the first couple of minutes. It was on the original DAT, probably some routing mistake on that abysmal 02R console :(. The other tapes are ok.

Unfortunately, one of my disks died during the editing of the talks. I decided to just upload the raw files instead, which have only some external eq and compression. They are not much of a showcase for Linux post-production.. No fades and some leading or trailing garbage, but otherwise they are listenable. -- Jörn