Linuxtag 2002

The LAD booth staff

The LAD Booth Staff, left to right, standing:


Missing is Alexander Ehlert (of GLAME), who wanted to come but is suffering from severe back injury. Greetings from everyone at the booth, and get well soon !

Here are some photos of the LAD crew at LinuxTag 2002 in Karlsruhe/Germany. As always, clicking a thumbnail will give you "the big picture".

Photos taken by Frank Neumann.

It's the second time we've had a LAD booth at LinuxTag, and again we all had tons of fun. This year, we had the ALSA folks with us, which turned out to be an excellent combination :)

Frank has written a little diary about the event, which can be found at John Littler's site.

Steve Harris has created time-lapse videos from his webcam pictures in mpeg format, and Bob Ham spliced them together and added a music track:
Saturday, June 8 13.3M download download
Sunday, June 9 7.7M download download
both days, with music 27M download N/A

To give you a rough idea of who's who, the asian guy is ALSA wizard Takashi Iwai, the one with short black hair and a green shirt is Matthias Nagorni from SuSE. Frank Neumann has short hair and a white LAD shirt, and so has Julien Classen, but he is a little shorter. Tobias Ulbricht has dark short hair, Richard Guenther of GLAME has long hair and an orange shirt. The guy in a grey shirt with short hair is Peter Hanappe. Steve Harris has long darkish hair, and Jörn Nettingsmeier has long light hair, a beard and a clueless look on his face.

Thanks to Frank, we had extremely nifty t-shirts again.